Sustainable competition for gorillas

The start-up Alpakas focuses on sustainable packaging, environmentally friendly transport and organic, rather than fast.

The three founders of Alpakas still have the term "stealth mode" in their LinkedIn profile - this stands for startups that try to avoid the public eye. But there is still a hint of what the trio of Antony Roczek, Tomy Eitner and Simon Chorzelski are up to: Sustainable. Together, the entrepreneurs are founding Alpakas, a delivery service for unpackaged food, as reported by Capital.

According to the report, Alpakas could become a sustainable alternative to delivery services like Flink and Gorillas, which focus primarily on speed. Alpakas wants to focus on sustainability. With an e-load bike, deliveries are to be made on the same day for orders placed by 5 pm. Orders of 25 euros or more are free of charge.

The Berlin-based start-up has already completed a seed financing round: A double-digit million amount as a convertible loan comes from venture capitalist Food Labs and the Blue Capital fund, owned by Tier Mobility founder Lawrence Leuschner, among others. They are joined by business angels such as entrepreneur Markus Windisch and Hellofresh COO Nils Arne Herrmann.

All products are to be packaged sustainably, for example in glass. The start-up collects the empty jars again. The 500 products so far do not include meat or fish, as sustainable transport is still being worked on.

The target group is certainly small, and the concept is first being tested in Berlin. "We believe that the unpackaged approach works better in the delivery business than in the store," Chorzelski told Capital.

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