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News Double-digit million sum for Gitpod Less than a year after its foundation, General Catalyst joins the Kiel-based programming start-up. A new supervisory board is also joining the company.
News Bundeskartellamt examines Porsche's joint venture Not much is known yet and the carmaker is silent on the matter: Porsche is apparently planning a joint venture with two other partners to produce high-performance battery cells. Porsche has been looking for...
News Start-up assists with the allocation of vaccination appointments Time and again, vaccination appointments remain unused or are missed. So that the vaccine does not remain lying around, the start-up Impfbrücke now helps. It notifies other people on the waiting list for the vaccine...
News Start-up credit for laser start-up Midel Phototonics wants to develop individually optimized lasers for industrial production. Now, the idea behind it is receiving a high six-figure sum from the "EXIST-Forschungstransfer" funding program. It's not a...
News A lamp to go The start-up Neonzoon is launching a crowdfunding campaign. They want to sell a portable lamp that can suck itself up almost anywhere. When you go from room to room at home, there's actually always at least one item...
News Kristina Walcker-Mayer becomes CEO of Bitwala She came as CPO, now she surprisingly becomes CEO: ex-N26 manager Kristina Walcker-Mayer takes over from the founder. She does not lack experience.
News Ten finalists for Pirate Summit 2021 Out of the Box NRW is the name of the competition, which is only taking place for the second time. The ten finalists who will have to prove themselves at the Pirate Summit at the end of June have now been chosen. Only...
News Bryter raises $66 million The software start-up Bryter was able to close its third financing round within a short period of time. This apparently brings the start-up to a valuation of 400 million US dollars.
News New business airline apparently wants to take off from Hamburg According to a media report, a new charter line wants to start in Hamburg. Much is still unclear, but there is already an entry in the commercial register.
News Flash Coffee receives $15 million The start-up, founded by former Foodora manager David Brunier, is getting money from US investor White Star Capital, among others.

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