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News One million euros for Tradingtwins The B2B matchmaking platform gets money for its growth. The Stuttgart-based investor Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer & Co.
News Yamo defends itself against Hipp The market leader regularly sues the baby food start-up. Now the company, which is also active in Germany, is fighting back with an open letter. In an open letter, start-up Yamo demands more "fair play" from baby...
News Co-founder Jessica Holzbach leaves Penta This means that the last female founder is leaving the Berlin-based fintech. Holzbach wants to devote herself to new professional challenges.
News RGI buys Flexperto The Berlin-based start-up Flexperto digitizes communication steps in companies. Now the Milan-based company RGI has taken over the start-up.
News Hummels becomes brand ambassador for protein start-up Stark's products have athletes as their target group. The Hamburg-based company has now won over a very special top athlete as a brand ambassador: Mats Hummels.
News New venture capitalist Cusp Capital Well-known investors from Tengelmann, 300 million euros and clear goals as to which start-ups they want to support: This is the concept of the new venture capitalist Cusp Capital.
News Getir comes to Berlin Another 10-minute food delivery company wants to gain a foothold in Germany: Turkish company Getir is the first to offer the concept - it plans to open its first location in Berlin in a few months.
News Watttron gets new sales manager The Freital-based start-up is dedicated to the production of packaging. Now it has landed a new head of sales.
News The pink gloves are history Just a few days ago they closed a successful deal, then a social media shitstorm ensued. Now the start-up Pinky Gloves has announced that it is ceasing production and going out of business.
News Pumpkin Organics is now apparently carbon neutral The baby food manufacturer says it is offsetting its entire CO2 emissions for the year 2020 and is supporting a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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