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News Automakers rely on American start-ups for solid-state batteries Solid-state batteries are not yet in use or ready for series production. BMW and VW have now invested millions in start-ups that are researching them. However, the German start-up scene has been left empty-handed.
News Isar Aeropace wins microlauncher competition The start-up Isar Aerospace was able to prevail against HyImpulse and Rocket Factory and receives eleven million euros.
News Medipee gets new investors The Moers-based start-up enables a simple analysis of urine, the results are fed into an app. Now two companies are investing in Medipee.
News Oliver Samwer is in Spac fever Rocket Internet's Oliver Samwer only floated his first Spac in March, but he is already planning three more shell companies. The target of the takeovers will probably be companies on the European market.
News EClear receives BaFin license The Berlin-based fintech has received the license of a payment service provider. EClear now wants to process the payment transactions of online merchants across Europe.
News Corona drug could be approved this year The Braunschweig-based start-up Corat Therapeutics is currently testing its drug on patients. If all goes well, the company plans to apply for emergency approval before the end of the year.
News Luca app operator defends itself against accusations The Luca app is secure and transparent, says the head of the contact-tracking app. Previously, security experts had criticized the application.
News Education start-ups call for round table with politicians In an open letter, digital education providers turn to the ministers of education and to Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU). They offer their help for learning backlogs.
News Online supermarket Knuspr expands to Frankfurt From November, the start-up also wants to deliver groceries in Frankfurt. The first location will be Munich.
News Deutsche Börse and Commerzbank invest in digital art trading The two financial companies are investing in Fintech 360X. Founder Carlo Kölzer and the stock exchange already know each other.

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