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News Fabfab looking for capital - Spac as solution? Fabfab has been successful so far with the sale of fabrics and other crafting utensils, but now the start-up wants to raise more money. According to the company's CEO, a Spac is also an option.
News The next Spac apparently goes to the start With the shell company 468 Spac Sponsors, a trio around ex-Rocket Internet executive Alexander Kudlich has registered the next Spac.
News Delicious and Ergo Gourmet intensify their cooperation In a pilot phase, the AI start-up and the company restaurateur have already tested a cooperation and developed a monitoring program for food waste.
News Thankyoujane closes financing round The Munich-based CBD start-up was able to raise a mid-six-figure sum. Among other things, it wants to use the money for the development of new products.
News Staffbase receives 122 million euros The start-up from Chemnitz has completed its financing round and entered into a strategic partnership with investor General Atlantic.
News BGH ruling backs CBD start-ups According to a ruling by the Federal Supreme Court, the sale of CBD flowers to customers can be legal. However, a crucial restriction remains.
News Journalistic start-up in Düsseldorf seeks backers Four journalists have launched a crowdfunding campaign to build their own start-up. Their goal: to compete with the established media in the state capital.
News Seven million euros for fish from the laboratory The start-up Bluu Biosciences successfully closes its seed financing round. The backers include Manta Ray Ventures and Norrsken. The company was built by a company builder.
News PharmAI and NanoTemper Technologies cooperate The Dresden-based start-up and the Munich-based company both want to develop drugs faster. Their plan: to better research rare diseases.
News These companies have won at Startup-Impuls In total, hannoverimpuls and Sparkasse Hannover awarded prizes worth more than 100,000 euros. The main prize was won by a sustainable idea.

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