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News "We don't have billions available to burn a lot of money" Vivid Money has only been around since 2019. Now Neobank is aiming for profitability.
News Nina Rimbach becomes managing director of There are several new additions at Among them are two familiar faces from the pet food industry.
News Berlin Senate plans start-up facilitations Start-ups should be able to apply more easily for public contracts, and women and people with a migration background should be supported in setting up their own businesses.
News Gorillas wants to raise hourly wage to twelve euros The delivery service anticipates the planned increase in the minimum wage. Instead of 10.50 euros, drivers are to receive twelve euros per hour from January.
News 560 million US dollars for Flink Flink is expanding: now the delivery service's valuation is said to be as high as $2.7 billion.
News Porsche invests in 1Komma5° The start-up 1Komma5° wants to create a network of craftsmen in the energy sector. The idea convinced the car manufacturer Porsche.
News Airgreets and Keyone merge The two competitors are joining forces in the marketing of holiday homes in the Alpine region.
News Hopper Mobility completes pre-seed round The start-up wants to bring an e-bike-car hybrid to the market. With the capital raised, the Augsburg-based company now wants to build a prototype.
News Traceless wins promotion award for female founders 50,000 euros will be awarded to the founders of the start-up for the development of sustainable plastic alternatives. The Darboven Idea Prize was awarded for the fifteenth time.
News Bitly takes over Bielefeld start-up With the purchase of Egoditor, the URL shortening service wants to expand its offering to QR codes. The new German subsidiary is a pioneer in this field.

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