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News NRW Minister Pinkwart wants to promote start-ups The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is providing a total of 3.5 million euros for three years. Two professorships are to be created at the University of Duisburg-Essen - and a Colosseum.
News Freshfields acquires team from legaltech start-up Rfrnz Rfrnz ceased operations at the end of 2020. Now the founders have new jobs.
News Adjust apparently sold for one billion US dollars Applovin has announced it is acquiring the German adtech startup. Estimates assume a nine-digit purchase price.
News 18 million euros for Unu Motors At the same time, the start-up is making a change in strategy. The sharing division of the electric scooter manufacturer is being scrapped and the number of employees is shrinking.
News Flixbus founder invests in logistics start-up Hive The start-up from Berlin will receive a total of 1.6 million euros.
News NRW wants to provide better support for scale-ups The state plans to support up to 20 companies this year.
News Berlin is looking for sustainable start-ups The Berlin Senate awards a total of 450 scholarships
News Auto1 successfully launched on the stock exchange The value of the share increased by 45 percent at the start. The company is now valued at almost twelve billion euros.
News "Digital pope" joins mobility start-up M-Tribes can successfully close its seed funding round. The value of the start-up increases to ten million euros.
News Babbel increases turnover to around 124 million euros Sales in fiscal 2019 did increase by 16 percent - but the plan was for growth of 35 to 39 percent.

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