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News Start-up everstox raises 20 million euros The Munich-based company successfully closes its Series A financing round. The money is to be used to triple the size of the team. The main investor is Acton Capital.
News Payhawk lands $112 million The Series B round was led by a San Francisco investor.
News Captiq receives financing in the amount of 2.6 million euros The Series A financing was led by investment firm Sino.
News Greenfield One launches Europe's largest crypto fund The Berlin-based investor has raised 135 million euros for this purpose. The backers include European corporations and a US billionaire.
News Docplanner swallows Jameda Polish Unicorn takes over medtech from German media group Burda. Jameda now wants to hire at least 200 employees.
News Seawater Cubes raises 2.4 million euros The start-up was able to convince two investors in its Series A round. Now the company is focusing on market entry and initial pilot projects.
News Quantistry lands seven-figure investment The Berliners intend to use the money to expand their team and further develop the Quantistry Lab simulation platform.
News Conntac closes Series A financing round The Augsburg-based start-up Conntac, which aims to relieve the hotlines of telecommunications providers with its app, collects a seven-figure sum.
News Gadowski invests in Shanghai air taxi start-up Autoflight Team Europe, led by investor Lukas Gadowski, is giving $100 million to Autoflight. The Shanghai-based start-up wants to build a team in Munich to launch air taxis in Europe as well.
News Exit from Fintus It was only in September that investor Anacap bought up start-up WebID Solutions, and now the British investor has struck again, acquiring a majority stake in Frankfurt-based fintech Fintus.

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