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News Health insurance companies cover costs for ovularing An algorithm to combat the unfulfilled desire to have children: this is what the start-up Vivosens Medical promises with its Ovularing. Four health insurance companies now cover the costs.
News Vet app Felmo gets millions Last year, the Berlin-based start-up was already able to collect a sum of millions in a financing round. Now the investors are putting even more money into the company.
News Personio becomes unicorn And the next billion-euro valuation: Munich-based start-up Personio received 103 million euros in a recent financing round. This brought its valuation to 1.4 billion euros.
News Tesla is allowed to continue building A security deposit of 100 million euros secures the American company the continued construction of its factory in Brandenburg. Previously, a construction stop was imposed because Tesla did not perform.
News Ex-CFO of N26 founds real estate start-up Estating wants to democratize the real estate market. The start-up was founded by ex-CFO Matthias Oetken from N26. Everything still seems rather vague.
News Tandemploy receives seven-figure sum No room for a man: The Berlin start-up Tandemploy was able to win five well-known female investors from the business world for a seven-figure sum. It's an "all-female deal", as they call it themselves. And a conscious...
News Seed financing round at Ridebee successful The Munich-based start-up receives a mid-six-figure sum from existing investor APX and wins renowned business angels.
News Konux receives 80 million US dollars Konux, the railway modernization company, raises 60 million euros in a financing round led by Sanno Capital. Money is also coming from Silicon Valley, with tech investor Athos joining in.
News 20 million US dollars in Series-A for Xentral Augsburg-based start-up Xentral raises 20 million US dollars. A venture capitalist comes from Silicon Valley.
News 100 million dollars for the Freiburg start-up Jedox Software provider Jedox is getting $100 million in a new round of funding, led by Insights Partners.

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