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News Stenon lands 20 million US dollars The company's technology is designed to give farmers data that can help them make farming decisions.
News Express Tax collected 4.3 million euros this year Just a year ago, a major investor in the tax start-up bailed out. Apparently, the company was able to recover from this.
News Laserhub apparently growing despite "crisis year Although it was not an easy year for the metalworking industry, the start-up said it was able to make gains.
News International Monetary Fund concerned about cryptocurrencies Trading in digital currencies puts consumers' money at risk. Moreover, the technology opens the door to money laundering and terrorist financing.
News Security software start-up raises 2.5 million euros Tenzir closes a €2.5 million seed funding round to expand into the US. It is also strengthening its management team.
News Home24 takes over Butlers One is strong online, the other in German city centres. Now they are bundling their offerings: Home24 buys the Butlers chain.
News Foodpanda has to lay off 300 employees After Delivery Hero announced it was shutting down its Foodpanda brand in Germany, the company now looks set to lay off 300 employees.
News Exit at Monavinci Monavinci has been supporting artists from developing countries since 2018. Now the founder has sold the Berlin-based start-up to the company K&L Wall Art.
News BMG cancels introduction of e-prescription The original start for the e-prescription was planned for 01 January 2022. Now the test phase is to be extended.
News Mo-Jet has new backers and reaches Kickstarter goal within five hours The company's electric jetboards are in the luxury segment. The founders focus on sea rescue, water sports facilities or yacht owners as customers.

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