Sebastian Diemer apparently has a new start-up

The new crypto startup, named Wallfair, will enable any kind of betting, according to a media report.

Fintech pioneer Sebastian Diemer is working on new financial startups again, according to a report in Finance Forward

magazine. This apparently includes a crypto betting company he plans to call Wallfair. Diemer confirmed this to the magazine.

With Wallfair, betting on any event should be possible. This could be stock prices, the weather the next day or the outcome of the next election. Diemer told Finance Forward that he would like to be involved with Wallfair as an advisor. The start-up is a so-called open source project, which means that the source code of the software will be accessible to third parties.

As currency for the bets, there should then be a separate token. After the team has developed the software, they now want to think about the appropriate rules together with the community,the founder announced to Finance Forward.

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